May 14: You Be the Judge

Me Goodwin will present the details from one of her cases along with the pertinent jurisprudence. Then the audience will be divided into groups (jury) whose task it will be to determine whether or not the protagonist is guilty. Once deliberations are completed, the foremen of each group will deliver their verdicts along with the reasons underlying their decisions.

Finally, Me Goodwin will announce the actual verdict in the case and explain the law as it applies to the matter at hand.

McGill Faculty Club @ 7:30 PM

March 12: Cognition and Aging

We are all aware of the cognitive and motor changes that are part of the normal aging process, but when should we worry that perceived changes are harbingers of a more serious and perhaps precipitous decline.

This presentation by Dr Gabriel Leonard will focus on the cognitive changes associated with normal and abnormal aging.

John Simms Community Center @ 7:30 PM