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MeetupIconWe just added the St. James Literary Society to the list of Meetup groups happening in Montreal.

By becoming a member of the Society through Meetup, you get reminders about our upcoming events and find out who else is planning to attend.

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2 thoughts on “Follow Us on Meetup

  1. Annie S

    Am on this site in answer to a request from -regrets here, the fingers were faster than the eyes for once- a Mr Journeaux? Hope I got that right, who asked, on the Meetup Site, to reply to him. In case this is all wrong, please accept apologies and disregard.
    Have been teaching for 20 years, and have all sorts of interests, among which are language, art, literature and history. Am also fascinated by communication, and how our age is affected by the new technologies. I hope this is enough of a reply, and that it qualifies.
    Annie S.


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