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March 2: Wine Tasting

Conventional, organic and natural winemaking techniques will be discussed by our guest speaker, Mr. Cercone, outlining the benefits and perils for all 3 of them. The three wines  that represent each of these winemaking processes will be utilized in an effort to highlight the differences between them. Hopefully, this will encourage people to be more aware of vineyard practices and their use of additives in winemaking.

St Jax Montréal @ 1:30 PM

November 20: World Scouting Today

With the help of John Neysmith, you will learn that World Scouting today is not what you may think. Today’s Scouting is 110 years old, in 169 countries world-wide, with just over 50 million members of both genders. And Scouting is no longer a northern hemisphere, developed  country movement. Over 80% of our members are in the developing countries worldwide. The young people in these areas face a constant struggle to avoid the perils of drug abuse and the influence of street gangs.

November 6: Islam 101

Shaheen Asraf will help us to understand the basics and allow us to ask questions about different topics including “The Role of Women in Islam”, “The Diversity in Islam” and “The Shia/Sunni Divide”.

St Jax Montréal @ 7:00 PM