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The President’s Message

Welcome to another exciting season at the St. James Literary Society! For our one hundred and twenty-first year, we have prepared a program offering a great variety of thought-provoking events designed to be both informative and entertaining. We hope they will appeal to the
broad interests of our members and non-members alike.
We are pleased to announce that some of our events will again take place at the John A. Simms Community Centre in Montreal West. Some of our other meetings will be held at St Jax (formerly St. James the Apostle Church) where coffee and cookies will be provided before each lecture which, we hope, will encourage everyone to socialize.
This year, our wine event will be held in conjunction with the Royal Montreal Curling Club at their premises on de Maisonneuve just west of Guy. The session at the Montreal Neurological Institute will be given in their auditorium on University Street.
In recent years, we have been posting all of our happenings on where we now have over 1,000 followers. As a reminder, our website provides you with our calendar of coming events.
In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to remember the late Sharon Browman who was a very important member of the Executive Committee of the St. James Literary Society. She will be missed by all.
We would really like you to join us at the events presented in this program… please remember to bring a friend, no charge.
I look forward to welcoming you in September.

The President’s Message

This is the One Hundred and Twentieth year since the St. James Literary Society was founded here in Montreal. To mark this occasion, Canada’s Governor General has sent us a letter of congratulations which we are pleased to share with you.

On the agenda for this year is a wine tasting, a sex specialist, a criminologist, to name a few. One event I am especially looking forward to is our visit to Urgences-santé, not only to see the inside of the ambulance, but to better understand how this life-saving service functions.

Last year we held two meetings in Montreal West. The attendance at these events was very encouraging, so much so, that this year we plan to have three meetings there. Some meetings will be held at St Jax Montréal (formerly the Church of St. James the Apostle at Bishop and
Ste. Catherine W.) where coffee/tea and cookies will be provided prior to each lecture to allow everyone to socialize. To make our sessions more accessible to more people, one meeting will be held on a Monday evening and two of them will be on Saturday afternoons.

I strongly believe that societies in which citizens participate in the social sphere tend to form more vibrant democracies; where hearing different viewpoints helps to build a better understanding of our world as a whole. So come join us! We invite you to discover all our lectures and activities for our One Hundred and Twentieth season presented in this program book. Become a member of the St. James Literary Society to benefit from all the advantages
of membership.

Lastly, I would like to extend a huge thank you to our loyal members who continue to participate in our shared history.


The 2017-2018 season is about to begin!

Our 2017-2018 season promises to be another exciting season!

We have assembled a program that will give you insight and knowledge on subjects covering several themes: art de vivre, criminology, society, technology, science, humanitarian work and medicine.

Like last year, most of our events will be held at St Jax Montreal, but we are also inaugurating a new venue. As a matter of fact, the St. James Literary Society is coming to Montreal West! Two of our events will be held at the John Simms Community Center, 8 Westminster South in Montreal West.

To ensure our presence on social media, we have updated our Facebook page for the St-James Literary Society ( Feel free to invite your Facebook friends and to give feedback on the events.

We hope that you will find your time with us enjoyable and stimulating. Remember that members of the SJLS can always bring a friend to our events as admission is free for their first visit (except on June 2nd).

We also would love to hear from you: send us your comments, your suggestions and your ideas. We will make sure to get back to you.

So, without further ado, welcome to our 119th season!

We look forward to welcoming you with a glass of bubbly on our first event of the year, September 19th.